all prices in CAD ♥ next shipment: may 22

Commission Info


Monthly Sketch commissions: Full ; DM/email to be on waitlist
• Twitch/YT commissions: Full ; DM/email to be on waitlist
• Commercial commissions: Full ; DM/email to be on waitlist


1. DM me (preferably) on Twitter or Instagram, or e-mail me with the following information:

  • Which commission option do you want? (sketch, commercial, twitch)
  • What do you want me to draw? (be detailed! attach pictures for references)
  • What is your Paypal email?
  • If you have a deadline or other specific requests, please also let me know so that I can confirm if I can meet your requests.

2. After I accept your commission, I will send you a Paypal invoice to pay first.

3. I will start after payment and send you the final image via e-mail or DMs, depending on what you contacted me with. You're welcome to request the art to be sent elsewhere.


Read through my commission options' descriptions + TOS thoroughly before you commission me, please! 
★ ALL prices in USD, paid through Paypal invoices, and paid in full before starting.

★ Commissions are non-refundable. 
★ You must credit me somewhere visible (e.g description, bio, etc) with a link to my Instagram/Twitter (or tag me) if you choose to display it publicly, whether it is a personal, Twitch or commercial commission.
★ General turnaround is 1-4 weeks, which depends on my workload and personal life. I usually try to finish before the month ends. If there is delay, I will let you know. 
★ If you need your commission by a certain date, let me know beforehand to confirm whether or not I can meet it.
★ If you need it within 5 days, a rush fee of 50% of your order will apply.
★ If you need it the next day, a rush fee of 100% of your order will apply.

★ Sketch Commissions will not have WIPs provided. You are agreeing to give me full artistic freedom + simplification of complex details.  
★ Twitch and Commercial commissions will always have WIPs provided for you to approve. Maximum number of major revisions: 3. Minor revisions are unlimited but please be as detailed as possible when giving me your commission info/edit info, because your completion time will be longer if I have to keep revising it.
★ Minor edits after I have shown you the final artwork are allowed. (e.g. colour changes, adding hearts/sparkles/text/etc) 
★ If you need a major edit after I have finished (e.g. pose change), I will have to charge anywhere from half your commission price to the full price, depending on the change you want.
★ Do not use a personal or Twitch commission for commercial usage.
★ You are welcome to specify the canvas size (e.g. if you want an iPhone 8 background, let me know and I will resize accordingly)
★ I have the right to display your commissioned works as a watermarked sample. However, you may request that I keep your commission private. 
★ You may not edit, redistribute or claim as your own.
★ By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and understand the wait time, prices, my commission info, and usage rights.

♥♥♥ Option 1 - Monthly Sketch Commissions ♥♥♥

• $25 USD for up to 2 "animals" OR 1 chibi
• +$7 USD to add 1 "animal" (maximum 4 "animals" per drawing)
 "Animal" = animals, animal crossing-style OCs, AC villagers, Pokemon
• These are PERSONAL commissions, therefore only for personal usage.
• Complex details will be simplified and I will choose the pose unless otherwise specified. 
• These commissions are accepted monthly and slots are available for the first week of the month and will close at midnight of the 7th day. I will then spend the rest of the month finishing the commissions.
Comes with: flat colouring, sparkles, solid background colour or transparent background.
I do NOT draw: complicated props, backgrounds, large groups
• Samples:

♥♥♥ Option 2 - Twitch/YT commissions ♥♥♥

Emotes: $30 USD per emote
Sub badges/Channel Point Icons: $25 USD per badge/icon (+$5 USD per recolour)
Stream graphics: Ask for a quote please! Price depends on what you want me to draw.
Stream GIFs:
$80 USD+ per gif. Prices increase with complexity and length of animation.
I do NOT draw: panels, complicated GIFs, non-minimalistic overlays* (If you look at my Twitch page, I prefer minimalistic designs for my overlays. I don't like doing anything too complicated.)

• Sample emotes:
for: sharrmaine
for: me

• Sample stream GIFs:
please do not use/steal the first 3 gifs because they are for my streams! the last 2 gifs can be used with credit.

Sample Offline banner+screenmy twitch (click "Chat" for offline screen)

♥♥♥ OPTION 3 - Commercial Commissions ♥♥♥

• This is for those who:

a) want to use and sell my art as merchandise
b) own a store and want to use my art as a shop logo / banner / other graphics) 
c) want to use my art as a commercial graphic (book illustrations, packaging designs, etc)

• Please email/DM me for a better quote of what you want drawn (e.g. logo, product designs, book illustrations etc)
• I do not do royalties, and my commercial fee is a varied flat fee (depending on what you want to use it for)
• You may only use what you ordered for its intended purpose. For example, if you ordered a shirt design, do not use it as a shop logo. If you want to use it as a product design + logo, you will have to pay 2 different commercial fees.
• Artwork can be drawn with either my pencil or bold brush.

♥♥♥ Personal vs Commercial: What's the difference? ♥♥♥

 Personal commission: You want to use it for yourself/close friends or family and for non-monetary use. For example: profile pictures, header photos, repost on social media with credit, personal prints, personal stickers, birthday gifts, etc. You may not edit, redistribute or claim as your own.

 Commercial commission: You have the intention to use my art as your merchandise design to sell for monetary value or wish to use it as a commercial graphic. You may only use what you ordered for its intended purpose. For example, if you ordered a shirt design, do not use it as a shop logo. If you want the same design for a shirt and shop logo, you will need to pay 2 different commercial fees. This is because I charge flat fees for different usages. However, you may print out the commissioned artwork as a promotional sticker/print/etc (not for sale!). Please ask if you have questions. You may not edit, redistribute or claim as your own.